The Vype ePen Vs the Juul

Both the Vype ePen and the Juul are incredible vaping devices; however, they have similarities and minor differences. You can get your JUUl kit at Canada's best online vape store.

The Juul is a slim satisfying and easy-to-use vaping device, it uses pre-filled pods that you simply pop on your device and you are ready to start vaping.

On the other hand, Vype ePen is an e-cigarette kit made up of a cartridge containing a pod with e-liquid and a battery to power up the device. It is pen-shaped and a bit bigger than the Juul.  Although it has a larger battery, it is not heavy or cumbersome to carry around.


The Juul

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The Juul has gained popularity in the market especially among the young users; it has a compact design which makes it easy to use and carry around in your pocket. It is inconspicuous making it easy to incorporate into your daily life. Though it has a lot of perks, the main reason it has gained so much popularity is the nicotine salt that is used in its refills.

The nicotine salts match with the nicotine found in tobacco leaves. The savory vape is absorbed in the body more effectively than the nicotine juice used in typical vape juices. This makes the vaping experience (when using Juul) match the experience of smoking a traditional cigarette.

The nicotine salt base provides a smooth inhale without unwanted harshness to your throat, vaping higher nicotine strengths with the nicotine salt base juice will not leave your throat scratchy as it is with other juices at higher nicotine strengths.

Pod mods like Juul are a new invention in the e-cigarette world, combining the convenience of pre-filled pods and the great performance of the refillable vape pens. It is super easy to use with no mess or need to refill, you just replace your old pod with the pre-filled one without putting a compromise on the flavour and convenience.

Vape stores have become increasingly available. For a pre-filled pod, visit an e-cigarette store near you. With the Juul, you don’t need to press any buttons in order to get your nicotine hit. The battery life is dependent on how much you smoke but ideally should last about twenty-four hours, this is convenient as it only takes about forty-five minutes to recharge.

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The Vype ePen

Vype ePen is designed to offer an exceedingly awesome vaping experience, with two main parts: the battery and the cartridges. The tank holds the e-liquid and the high-performance battery power up the device. The battery is said that it can last for around 360 puffs, for light vapers this can last them a whole day. They are bigger so it fits well in your hand and thus feels good and satisfying to hold.

Vype ePens have a variety of nicotine strength; you have the option to choose the nicotine concentration you are comfortable with. At a particular moment, you may need a stronger nicotine concentration while later you may need it mildly — Vype ePen offers you the opportunity to use either of the concentration without having to change your device, this way you can explore your options before you can settle for one. Burnaby vape shops will provide you with all your vaping needs from e-cigarettes to e-liquids.

The Vype ePen offers a staggering range of flavors. To experience all these awesome flavours, visit that vape shop near you for a pod replacement. The pen is designed for easy use with a single button to control your vaping experience. You can charge it up using the USB cable charger included when purchasing the pen. There is a LED indicator to show you the status of the device. Once the device is plugged in, you power it on by clicking the firing button three times. The same applies to when you want to turn off the device, click the firing button thrice.

The mouthpiece of this device is cleverly made from plastic, it may not feel so great in the mouth but it works alright, effectively keeping the heat away from your lips.

The Vype’s pod is large with a capacity of 2 ml. This is to mean that you can use a single tank for a bit longer than a Juul’s pod. The pod is non-refillable when purchasing the device —it comes with two pods, which you are required to replace once they are depleted. This makes the Vype ePen a bit expensive to maintain as replacing the old pods is more expensive than simply refilling the depleted ones as is the case with other vaping devices. It has a control button that is well positioned, allowing you to easily change the nicotine levels and the flavour without too much hassle.

Similarities between the Vype ePen and The Juul

  • They are both e-cigarettes. The major similarity between these two devices is that they are both an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.
  • They are both easy to use. These vaping devices have been designed to ensure you vape at ease, there is nothing complex about how to use them.
  • Both use non-refillable pods that are discarded once the e-liquid is depleted.
  • Flavor quality - flavors for both the Juul and the Vype ePen feel roughly the same.
  • They both have a closed pod design.


Differences between the Juul and the Vype ePen

    Vype ePen has a variety of nicotine strengths

The nicotine strength for the Vype ePen ranges from 0 to 1.8 % while the Juuls has a single nicotine strength of 1.7%.

    E-liquid Capacity

The Juuls’ pod has a capacity of 0.7 ml of the nicotine juice, unlike the Vype ePen tank which has a higher capacity of 2 ml. This means that you will need to replace your Juuls’ pod more often than you will need to replace the Vype pen pod.

    The Battery

The Vype ePen boasts of a powerful battery with a larger battery life rated at 650mAh, which is more than three times the rating of the Juul’s battery (200mAh).

    The Flavours  

The Vype ePen has a large variety of flavours than the Juul's pod. Juul has four flavors; mango nectar, golden tobacco, glacier mint, and royal crème while the Vype ePen has seven great flavor options.

Vaping is not entirely harmless, it involves inhaling nicotine which is addictive, it also has other effects. Nonetheless, it is considered less harmful than burning tobacco.

Recent studies also show that ex-smokers who switched to vaping had reduced exposure to toxic compounds and carcinogens, thus, vaping is a good option for long time smokers to reduce their smoking and eventually quit altogether. Choosing the vaping device that suits you is entirely up to you, conduct your research to learn about each device. Consider the essential factors as well as your needs before you settle for one.

Warning: this product contains nicotine ,nicotine is an addictive chemical Health Canada

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