Ways To Quit Vaping

Finding ways to relieve cravings from nicotine withdrawal is one of the biggest challenges when quitting cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are still in their early stages of research, but we know quite a bit about nicotine withdrawal. Quitting e-cigarettes resembles quitting traditional cigarettes or other tobacco products in that nicotine is what makes them addictive. 

Here are some tips that can help you deal with the symptoms of withdrawal.

1. Working out is important for physical and mental health.

Physical activity is a reliable way to suppress a craving. Rather than using nicotine to produce a 'feel good' response in the brain, people are getting the same positive effect without doing any extra work thanks to the increased levels of endorphins they obtain from physical activity. Taking a walk in the park can benefit your health, while doing things like playing basketball, going axe throwing, or doing yoga in your bedroom is beneficial to your well-being. All COVID friendly of course.

Ways to quit vaping

2. Use a distraction.

Eventually, your cravings will pass if you give them time. Distracting yourself from the craving helps you go through the process faster. While you can only engage your mind for a short time, "find the activities that will keep your mind engaged for those few minutes," .While these could include things like watching anime, listening to music, annoying a sibling, going on TikTok, or making TikToks, there are several ways in which these activities could help you.

Ways to quit vaping

3. Set up your environment for success

To create a temptation-free home, such as getting rid of anything that makes you want to vape. Don't leave your e-cigarettes or anything you'll need to vape in your backpack, purse, or pockets. If you want to quit vaping, make a concerted effort to spread the word to your friends. This will make it less likely that they will tempt you by bringing vaping-related items to you.

Ways to quit vaping

4. Find stress-reduction techniques.

A lot of people who are under stress choose to vape, and this triggers a vicious cycle of cravings. Doing things that will help you cope with stress now will make a big difference over the course of your life. Other simple tasks such as deep breathing, going on walks, or socializing with friends are all methods for helping you relax and re-energize yourself. 

Ways to quit vaping

5. Always remember to celebrate your successes.

Researchers say that being aware of and celebrating your accomplishments when you're quitting stress and cravings can enhance your willpower. Not only did you make it through your first few hours, but you are well on your way to an accomplishment. Tobacco-free each and every moment is a welcoming and celebratory occasion.

Ways to quit vaping

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