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Vango E Liquids 30ml

Regular price $12.99

Frozen Ophelia -A beautiful fruity mixture we combined with the menthol. We infused  cactus fruit,   mango,   strawberry and   kiwi  to create a smooth and refreshing vaping experience that makes it the perfect all day vape.

Frozen Sophene- This tropical e-liquid is the perfect combination of strawberries, pineapple and a drizzle of menthol.

Frozen Persicor- A medley of juicy peaches along with a sharp, yet sweet blackcurrants and topped off with the signature VanGo menthol blend. 

Frozen peach- a smooth peach e-liquid that has a menthol kick to keep you cool and refreshed all year long.

Belgian Breakfast - A satisfying than a creamy batter  fresh off the press, drizzled with Canadian Maple.

Newyork Classic - one of the all-time best desserts, New York Classic is a buttery dough  filled with a luscious and rich cream cheese  filling. 

Strawberry mess- Strawberry Mess is the perfect balance of sweet and creamy.  strawberries  followed with a smooth exhale from our creamy mixture.

Blue Grazberry- most popping raspberry flavors together with white grapes  and steeped it to create a Blue Raspberry Champagne!

Fruity Blast - blueberries, watermelon, strawberries, grape and kiwi

Blue Strawberry - Blueberries and strawberries infused together with sugar to make this delightfully sweet, fluffy vape!

Sour Power - multilayered notes of tart fruits like lime and lemon and exhale the sweetness of the strawberry and other berries, covering you in a cloud of sugary goodness!

Machiato-  is a light espresso brewed to the perfect temperature to highlight the authentic flavors of the coffee beans.

French vanilla - Canadian French Vanilla. This E-liquid is a frothed coffee using vanilla beans  and dark sugar to give it the classic Canadian taste. 

White Mocha - perfectly brewed coffee with white chocolate and subtle notes of macadamia to give it that smooth and decadent flavor.

Get Em Grape - Hand picked grapes from the vineyards to create a sweet and succulent grape e-juice.