AIRISTECH V12 Plus- Twisty Glass Blunt Gold

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This is a smart pipe to pack and vaporize your favourite blend. It is made of heat resistant quartz glass making it safe for use. With this pipe, you need not worry about rolling as it will no longer be a problem. You can move around with it in your day to day activities seeing as it is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse.

Have a hassle-free smoke

With the V12 twisty blunt, you say goodbye to paper and the hassle surrounding the whole process of rolling the perfect roll. Since the use of paper is eliminated when you smoke dry herbs, you will now have a healthy smoke. Using the Twisty blunt is simple too, making it the revolutionary smart pipe that you have been waiting for and that will work for your every need.

The kit is fitted with a unique heat sink with a screw at the middle that extends the length of the vapor’s path, allowing it time to cools down — producing 30% cooler hits. The kit is fitted with a brass tip, a titanium coating, and a twisty screw that ensures that your herbs stay lit and ashing throughout.

The kit can hold a maximum of 1.5 g of dry herbs which can then be reused over and over again. The V12 twisty blunt is designed with an infini-cherry tip; with this, you do not need to light up the pipe for every pull. However, it is recommended that you ensure to put the cap back on after you are done with your session, replacing the cap will help your herbs remain fresh for your next session.

Using the V12 twisty blunt

The V12 twisty blunt is relatively easy to use and very convenient.  When you decide to have a session, the first step is to remove the twisty screw. They fill the pipe three-quarters full and no more than that. Then twist in the screw clockwise, light it up and take a puff. From time to time during your session, tilt the mouthpiece clockwise to get rid of the ash. Once you are done with your session, ensure to replace the cap to put out the flame and allow the herbs to remain fresh for your next session.

Say yes to quality with the Airistech 12 twisty blunt

The Airistech V12 twisty blunt, smart pipe is made of high-quality materials from the quartz glass that is heat resistant making sure the user is protected from burns. The metals used are food grade, ensuring that the user does not suffer from poisoning by metals that may be poisonous to the human body. The smart pipe is also designed in a way that it is easy and convenient to use and clean What’s more, it is affordable and discreet. In the box during purchase, there is a cleaning tool included, the glass tube as well as the silicone caps making it user-friendly.

Airistech V12 twisty blunt is undoubtedly the best among the best weed vapes allowing you a clean and convenient smoke anywhere and at any time

  • 1x V12 Quartz Glass Twisty Blunt
  • 1x 510 mouthpiece adapter
  • 1x silicone adapter
  • 1x silicone cap
  • 1x cleaning brush