Dinner Lady E liquids 30ml

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Dinner Lady Peach Mint Iced – Pressed peach iced tea with cool peppermint. 

Dinner Lady Mango Iced – Mango nectar with wild citric connotations and iced black tea. 

Dinner lady Watermelon Iced –Refreshing watermelon with a sweet and fizzy twist. 

Dinner Lady Apple Iced –Sweet apple balanced with a punchy sour finish. 

Dinner Lady Kiwi Melon –Kiwi & Melon Kiwi Watermelon Cantaloupe Melon 

Dinner Lady Strawberry CoconutLemon, Coconut, Ripe Strawberries 

Dinner lady Cherry Raspberry – Cherry & Raspberry 

Dinner Lady Fresh Trouble – The iconic flavour of tuck shop bubble-gum. 

Dinner Lady Original Strawberry –  A strawberry macaroon combined with cream, almonds and coconut 

Dinner Lady Lemon Delight – sharp lemon curd topped with gooey meringue, all cradled by a thin pastry crust. 

Purple Rain - Blue Raspberry

Mixed Fruits - (Previously Sweet Fusion )