JUUL Starter Kit with 4 pods

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With its unique profile, interface, flavour variety and lack of lingering smell, JUUL stands out as the new vape alternative.

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The Juul has gained popularity in the market especially among the young users; it has a compact design which makes it easy to use and carry around in your pocket. It is inconspicuous making it easy to incorporate into your daily life. Though it has a lot of perks, the main reason it has gained so much popularity is the nicotine salt that is used in its refills.

The nicotine salts match with the nicotine found in tobacco leaves. The savory vape is absorbed in the body more effectively than the nicotine juice used in typical vape juices. This makes the vaping experience (when using Juul) match the experience of smoking a traditional cigarette.

The nicotine salt base provides a smooth inhale without unwanted harshness to your throat, vaping higher nicotine strengths with the nicotine salt base juice will not leave your throat scratchy as it is with other juices at higher nicotine strengths.

Pod mods like Juul are a new invention in the e-cigarette world, combining the convenience of pre-filled pods and the great performance of the refillable vape pens. It is super easy to use with no mess or need to refill, you just replace your old pod with the pre-filled one without putting a compromise on the flavour and convenience.

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Vape stores have become increasingly available. For a pre-filled pod, visit an e-cigarette store near you. With the Juul, you don’t need to press any buttons in order to get your nicotine hit. The battery life is dependent on how much you smoke but ideally should last about twenty-four hours, this is convenient as it only takes about forty-five minutes to recharge.

Includes JUUL device + USB charging dock + four JUUL pods in 5% nicotine strength (Virginia Tobacco, Mint, Vanilla, and Mango).