LOST VAPE Pods Kits Lost Vape - ORION DNA Go Pod Mod
LOST VAPE Pods Kits Lost Vape - ORION DNA Go Pod Mod
LOST VAPE Pods Kits Lost Vape - ORION DNA Go Pod Mod

Lost Vape - ORION DNA Go Pod Mod

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Lost Vape's Orion DNA GO mod is the base of a highly refined open pod system that utilizes Evolv's DNA GO chipset, packing a surprisingly powerful punch in a pocket friendly package! The Orion DNA Go is extremely durable and colorful, with a stainless steel body and beautiful side panels made of carbon fibre and abalone. The 950mAh lithium polymer battery provides power for roughly 450 puffs at default settings, and is charged via a neatly hidden micro USB port in under 45 minutes. Press the fire button twice in 1 second, and the light will blink a color corresponding to the battery level.

The Orion DNA GO will automatically detect if aMTL or DTL pod has been attached, and automatically switch between profiles. Use the mode button to select from 3 different power levels, which can be adjusted separately for each profile - along with the boost length which minimizes heat up time - using the EScribe software available from Evolv. Select white for low power, blue for medium, and red for high.

The DNA GO chip also features a Replay Mode which automatically adjusts power levels to maintain flavor and prevents dry hits. Just had the perfect puff? Replay it!

NOTE: mod only - pods sold separately 

  • 950mAh Lithium Polymer Battery

  • Stainless Steel Body & Carbon Fibre / Abalone

  • 30W Continuous, 40W Boost

  • DNA GO Chipset

    • Customize wattage and boost with Evolv's EScribe software

    • 3 Power levels - select with mode button

      • Default DTL settings:

        • White: 11W, 5 boost

        • Blue: 13W, 4 boost

        • Red: 15W, 3 boost

      • Default MTL settings:

        • White: 8W, 6 boost

        • Blue: 9W, 5 boost

        • Red: 10W, 5 boost

    • Replay function - hold mode button

      • Store & replicate the last puff

      • Prevents dry hits

  • Responsive Firing Button

  • Double Click Battery Indicator

    • Light blue: 100% - 95%

    • Green: 95% - 70%

    • Yellow: 70% - 30%

    • Red: 30% - 15%

    • Blicking Red: < 15% - device powers off

  • Micro USB Port - Charging & Firmware Updates

  • Orion DNA GO 950mAh Mod

  • Micro USB Charging Cable

  • Lanyard

  • User Manual