Moti Piin Plus Disposable Vapes

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Introducing the new disposable vape offered by MOTI. The PIIN Plus disposable pod is a draw-activated, pre-filled/closed pod system. Much larger than the original, the PIIN Plus is similar in shape and size to a good old fashioned Cuban cigar. Despite this extra size, it’s fairly lightweight – and super comfortable to hold.

The PIIN Plus is rocking a 1.6ohm coil and lasts around 800 puffs. If you’re a light-medium vaper, you could get 2-3 days of vaping before you run out of juice/battery. It comes in delicious flavours and a 2 ml capacity and is easy to carry.

Just like the original, the PIIN Plus is a disposable vape, which means you just puff until it’s empty of e-juice/battery and throw it away.