RAD Salt Nic Juices

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These are fresh, nicotine salt e-liquids from UK-based RAD e-liquids. It comes in a range of bright and flavourful flavours. It is high time for you to try some of the most rad liquids. The following are some of the flavours.

Rad Salts Jock- 12, 20mg- watermelon bubblegum.

Rad Salts Chill Pill- 12,20mg -icy melons.

Rad Salts Schweet- 12,20mg -Blue raspberry slushie straight to the dome yo.

Rad Salts Stoked- 12, 20mg -awesome sour candy e-liquid.

Rad Salts Word up- 12,20mg -Blueberry Donut

Rad Salts Whoa- 12,20mg -dragon fruit and mango flavour.