Allo Ultra Review

The Allo Ultra 500 is the older brother of the well-known Allo Bar vaporizer. It includes a bigger battery with longer life, a higher ejuice power, and an integrated mesh coil that delivers excellent flavor.

Allo Ultra also has a clever chipset that changes the wattage for you, meaning you won't get dry hits or scorched lungs.

When out of the box, you can see that the Allo Ultra is markedly different from the Allo Bar. This two-part configuration has both the mouthpiece and the battery included. You can take it around in your hand so you can vape anytime you wish.

This mouthpiece fits easily in your mouth and is ergonomically designed to complement the curve of your lips as you vape. The mouthpiece is attached directly to the eJuice pod of the Allo Ultra.

Its basic draw-activated firing mechanism ensures there are no buttons or switches on the body of the unit. It has a sleek, easy-to-hold body.

A generous 550mAh battery in a compact unit like this is available with Allo Ultra Disposable Vape Device. Allo Bar's 300mAh battery is a step up from the battery in the Allo Bar. The resistance of the unit is 0.15ohms, and the over-inhale and short circuit safety are built in. Non-rechargeable, so you'll get your fill of e-liquid before the end.

Depending about how much you use it, it will last you 500 puffs of vaping. This is what will keep you smoking the Allo Ultra for several months. No matter which of the five available e-juice flavors you want, you can have it.

To get a light, delicate hit, you can use a 20mg dosage. The salt nicotine formula makes every drag smooth and heavy, providing satisfying throat hits.

Allo Ultra Review

Should I Buy it?

All-in-one, right out of the box, you can vape from the Allo Ultra. You should not have to spend much time with the system when you are through with it. Just dispose of it and then pick up a new one. Buy it and you'll receive:

The Allo Ultra was created especially for people who choose to stop smoking cigarettes for good. This substance promises portability, versatility, and similar throat hit features to cigarettes, helping smokers feel right at home.

Allo Ultra is suitable for anyone who finds refilling, moving coils, charging, or maintenance an inconvenience when it comes to utilizing vaporizers.

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