Beginner Starter Vapes

Getting into vaping is even easier with these beginner-friendly vape starter kits.

If you are interested in vaping but don't know where to go, keep reading! It's good to know that you're not alone. In the beginning, vaping can be a frustrating and a daunting process for new vapers, as there are several different tank, mod, and system configurations. It can be challenging for someone who has never vaped before to select a tank, box mod, battery, adapter, and e-liquid all together. We made a list of the top vape starter kits of 2021.

Starter Vapes

In the list below, you'll find the top vape starter kits available as of right now. This collection of vape starter kits have been picked because they are easy to use and provide fantastic results. Additionally, these kits have everything you need to start vaping other than your own e-liquid (box mods might need different batteries, though). There are a range of trustworthy sellers that you can buy starter kits from.


Box Mod Starter Kit

#1. Aegis X + Zeus Kit

#2. Gen S Kit


All in one Starter Kit

#1. Uwell Caliburn G

#2. SMOK Novo 2 

#3. Aspire Breeze 2

Vape Pen Starter Kit

#1. Aspire- PockeX 

#2. INNOKIN - Endura T18 II

#3. SMOK Stick Prince Kit 


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