Looking for vapes? Best Vape Shop | Burnaby | Surrey | Vancouver | British Columbia

Are you on the hunt for the best vape shops near you? If you live in British Columbia, you have come to the right place. Savory Vapes are the best vape shop in Burnaby, Surrey and Vancouver.

The shop is a gold star smoke shop with a variety of products available at pocket-friendly rates.

The vape shop has a handful of products available for you. The shop is a one-stop shop where you can buy all your vaping products and their accessories all at once. Visiting this shop would not be a disappointment as it will cater to all your vaping needs at once, and you will not leave the shop unsatisfied.

Savory Vapes is the best vape shop in Burnaby for a reason, as the shop consists of the bestsellers and all the trendy vapes that the vapers would enjoy. It has something for every individual, be it beginners or pro vapers. For example, the shop also provides you with disposable vapes, which is beginners friendly and also the pro vapes can use them as a backup. Disposable vapes are also very trendy in the market at the moment, so if you want to grab them, visit Savory Vapes as soon as possible!


Product Recommendations

A few must-buy products from Savory Vapes:


Renova Zero

Renova Zoro is a product from the Vaporesso brand with an in-built battery of 650mAh and a quick charging system. It is available in a pod system that incorp[orates a unique CCELL coil technology. With the help of this technology, it delivers a cleaner and a purer flavour to the vapers. It consists of an innovative refilling system that would allow you to refill the e-liquids easily.

Renova Zero

The product fires harder and lasts longer than the majority of devices.


Suorin Edge

This pod system is designed in a pen-style vape. This design is a game-changer as it is very easy to carry around and can be your perfect on the go vaping partner.

The design of the product is ultra-sleek, slim, sophisticated and is comfortable in the hands.

Suorin Edge

It has a capacity of 1.5 ml of nic salts and can be refilled approximately 2-3 times with nic salt juice after the 1st use.

This beast also has a rechargeable and removable battery, with a 230mAh battery power. USB-C is a new charging system that has been integrated into the design. 


Utillian 721

This device is the most widespread and liked unit from the Utillian line. The most attractive feature of this product is the convection heating technology, it would provide you with an outstanding vapour quality for dry herbs and wax concentrates.

Utillian 721

The device has eight different temperature levels which are easy to use for beginners as well as for advanced vapers. The mouthpiece is collapsible and can be snapped back into place along with the top of the device.


Savory Vapes is a gold star smoke shop and the best vape store in British Columbia Canada, that brings you a wide range of vaping devices along with its accessories at affordable rates.