Moti Piin Plus Review

Moti Piin Plus

Motivape is revving up its famous Moti Piin Plus nic salt once again. A distinct benefit of the Moti Piin Plus is that it provides greater liquid capacity and battery life than the majority of other disposables on the market.

The Moti Piin Plus is a beefed-up version of the original Moti Piin, with an improvement in nic salt quantity to 4 mL and a bigger 670 mAh battery. Early indicators indicate that this could be a great disposable product with 12 total flavors to choose from in 2% nic. 

But is it the most powerful disposable vape?

The Moti Piin Plus scale, weight, and texture are more like a vape pen than just a disposable. According to our jewelry scale, it weighs 32 grams. Disposable norms consider this heavy; nevertheless, there's always a tradeoff. 

Piin Plus may be constrained in portability, but it is made up for in runtime and in additional use. The second Moti Piin disposable has at least 2x the battery and liquid power of the first one. That is remarkable!

In addition to making these disposables visually appealing, the various flavors have color-coded gradations along their exteriors that represent their flavor.

Many of the colors are rubberized. Few of them have a shiny finish. They have a shiny black mouthpiece, which looks identical to beauty items. It could mean anything to you, or it could mean nothing.This item was not intended to last forever. Fortunately, the mouthpieces are fun to use and have a flattened and elongated shape, enabling a strong “pull.”

Four LED lights are placed in a square formation on the bottom of the unit, illuminating as you inhale. It shows whether or not a hit has been triggered and the battery status. They are not annoyingly bright, but you may be shocked to know that they can shine very brightly in complete darkness. Not quite as clear as others, but certainly visible in the dark (in case you are trying to go unnoticed).

What does it feel like?

The Moti Piin Plus has an activated MTL draw that is simple to use. It works easily with no tightness on the pull, and the vapor is comfortably warm. While it is an MTL unit, it outputs a dense vapor volume.

Besides well saturated hits, one of the best aspects of the draw is how well it fits with the mouthpiece. The elongated shape of the Moti Piin Plus's mouthpiece makes slow drags that results in a consistent, warm, and assertive hit.


It is safe to assume that the flavors hold up when you take into account that we are considering disposable goods. The bulk of the flavors are tingling on the tongue. One flavor line in the Plus has the label "ice line" while all of the flavors are mentholated. 

Several standouts included grape, peach frost, banana, cola, and, quite interestingly, red wine ice. Those were all the most distinguishable flavors. 

The Moti Piin Plus is a fantastic disposable in general. Batteries and fluid reserves allow long running times. A battery hasn't yet expired because liquid still remains inside. Other disposables with an expanded capacity that did not last quite as long as these have been attempted in the past, and they're still running.

Moti Piin Plus

Should I Buy it?

No one who has ever used disposables will deny the fact that the stated amount of puffs are almost sure to be incorrect. The Piin Plus, is advertised as having 1000 puffs. The Piin Plus has now lasted at least twice as long—for battery life and puffs—as nearly every other disposable we've tried. Not one faulty strike, poor touch, or premature battery depletion. If you're looking for a high-quality disposable, we highly suggest the Moti Piin Plus.

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Warning: this product contains nicotine ,nicotine is an addictive chemical Health Canada