Nasty Fix Review

First things first, the Nasty Fix packaging  is attention-getting, due to the bright and vivid colors. You will know what you need to know about the e-liquid flavors, e-juice power, estimated amount of puffs, and the nicotine intensity if you look at the packet. The ingredients, expiration date, and PG/VG ratio (60/40) are specified as well.

The disposable itself is built well and is lightweight but robust; it's small and simple to bring around, yet doesn't feel cheap. To say that I was shocked is an understatement; the Nasty Fix is nice to keep, with a sleek matte plastic coating and rounded edges. I know it's just a little detail, but the Nasty Fix feels amazing. 

Flavor is written on one side of the disposable, and the word “Nasty” is printed in broad, bold type on the other. When it comes to architecture, I never foresee something fancy from a disposable. The Nasty Fix is both trendy and quick on the eyes. 

While it is fitted with no real mouthpiece, the plastic tip on this disposable cigarette lies flush with the top of the device. In terms of presentation, both ends are identical, except there is a slight arrow on the end that you're meant to draw on.

Nasty Fix Review

When you inhale, the airflow and LED monitor that is installed at the base of the Nasty Fix lights up. In addition, the LED even pulses when the battery is down, so you can quickly identify when it's time to toss it. That is a wonderful feature and can be seen on many disposable items.

Overall, it's a perfect design—the Nasty Fix looks fantastic, it's very easy to keep, and it

Although vicious and urgent, the need for a fast fix will definitely give you the heady you need. 

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