STLTH Vape Pod Review

A Look at the Stlth Vape Pod Device

Stlth vape pod device is the perfect alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarette. Its produced by a group of people committed to producing a practical product that can be incorporated into daily life. The manufacturers are heavily invested in this vaping device, especially since they were all ex-smokers who needed another option that is less harmful than smoking.

Its Components

This pod vape is made up of two parts, the cartridge containing the e-liquid and the battery to power it up. The device is designed in such a way that it can as well work with a high concentration of nicotine thus providing a sensation that closely matches that of smoking tobacco cigarettes. This is the e-cigarette that promises you the satisfaction and motivation you need to quit smoking.

Due to its incredible sensation matching that of smoking traditional cigarettes, it is highly recommended for people trying to quit smoking. Other vaping devices may not grant you the satisfaction you crave but with Stlth, satisfaction is guaranteed.


Ever since the dawn of vaping devices, vapes have been constantly evolving in terms of design and usability. The manufacturers of Stlth aim at producing a well-thought design with increased performance keeping in mind all the features beneficial to anyone looking to have fun and enjoy vaping. Along the technological advancement, many devices have continuously gotten bigger and more complex.

However, it turns out most people need a device that would easily blend into their everyday lives. Stlth vaping device comes in to fill that void as it is a closed loop system, small, easy to use with a great design and very light body. Its design allows it to provide a practical alternative to ex-smokers and people who need to quit smoking. For what it's worth, the stlth vape pod device is also readily available in any vape store in town.

Perfect Design

The design of this pod seems to have prioritized comfortability as it has an incredible rubber frame that’s perfect for your grip. Moreover, the device is equipped with two different nicotine degrees that let you enjoy vaping according to your particular needs.

When it comes to aesthetics, you will find yourself marvelling the beauty and sleek design of the Stlth vaping device. It is just the right size and has an awesome coating that complements its uniqueness. Its size allows you to vape in outdoors without feeling self-conscious about it or out of place. The pod can also be refilled with e-liquid without a hitch as you can refill it in any e-cigarette store once it is depleted.


The battery of this pod is an incredible innovation with its 350mAh; it is long lasting and enough to take you through the whole day. Furthermore, each cartridge has the capacity to hold 2 ml of nicotine e-liquid which is by far more than any other pod can hold. The risk of the e-liquid leaking has been well taken care of with the new designs where it has zero leaks per pooling; each cartridge is sealed and can be disposed of after use.  The pod is also available in four flavours available in any Burnaby vape shop; this is great as you can choose the flavour that suits you best.


Ultimately, considering the device’s features and its pricing, it is safe to say that it is the best vaping device in the e-cigarette market. Visit the vape shop near you to get yourself this breathtaking device.

Warning: this product contains nicotine ,nicotine is an addictive chemical Health Canada

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