Tesla SteamPunk 86W and 220W Mod Review



This punk is all about making your vaping experience extraordinary. With experts saying it helps smokers quit, vaping is the new deal in town. Teslacigs 86w punk offers you just the best vaping experience better than you can dream of. It has a well-crafted design exuding an elegant feel. It has made use of a smart chip which enhances more safety and reliability than other products in its range.  The device provides multiple protection types to avoid any possible risks. Protections include; long vaping protection, reverse connection protection, short atomizer protection, low voltage protection, and high resistance protection. Its pricing ensures that it’s the best value for your money you can get.

It has an exquisite classic design made of brass giving it a metal feel. It is powered by a single 18650 battery with an 86W output. It is also equipped with screen 0.49” where you can view your data clearly and efficiently. This vaping device is designed to ensure you have a stylish vaping experience; it does not matter where you are outdoors with your buddies or indoors having a great day by yourself or at a party.

The punk has a tubular design allowing you total control and easy regulation of power using the two buttons the punk lets you to vape in varied watts and in bypass giving you a feel like you are using the real mecca. It offers you style, high performance, and reduced clutter. It allows association with a large number of atomizers and clearomisers available in any Canada online vape shop.

The battery can be recharged using a 5V/1A USB. It has a small diameter of 28 mm and 128g weight making it easy to carry. The battery is external; thus you can quickly change it and replace it with a charged one in case you are outdoor, and the charge runs out. You don’t have to cut short your walk or hike. Visit the vape shop near you to get yourself this elegant, stylish piece.

The Teslacigs 86 W punk is stocked in different colours and finishes. Visit a reputable Canada online vape shop to see the various modes and choose the perfect fit. You will be amazed by the unbeatable prices and free shipping deals.


The manufacturers of this vaping tool designed it following the latest steampunk style by showcasing the creativity and style of the movement. That’s one of the reasons why Teslacigs 220W mod is popular around the world.

This mod is powered by two 18650 batteries with a discharge current of above 35 amperes, supporting a 25mm atomizer. It is made using a high-quality zinc alloy and PC transparent panel with an exquisite pattern. It is well crafted to bring out an elegant appearance. What’s more, it is enhanced with up to 220W power enough to satisfy cloud chaser with a great vaping experience. The output wattage ranges from 7-220W with 0.5 increments. It also comes with a screen displaying the different modes available to choose.

The Teslacig 220W mod has a resistance range of 0.1-3 ohms and a temperature control range of 100 to 300 degrees Celsius. The battery is not included in the package during purchase, but they are bought independently. 

It is highly portable with a weight of 258g. Since the battery is external, you can get yourself a number of them so that when outdoor you can go on with your vaping without having to come back home to recharge your mod. The battery is recharged via a USB which is compatible with most devices have making it very convenient. 

 It has an in-built LED lights with five different lighting modes giving it a flashy feel. It is fashionable and shiny with a range of colors to choose from; bronze, copper, and black. 

For anybody looking for the best time when vaping, Teslacigs 220W mod is the ideal device you must have. It has a wide range of options to conform with you vaping mood at any particular moment. Although it is unique, you can purchase one from any vape shop near you.

Warning: this product contains nicotine ,nicotine is an addictive chemical Health Canada

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