I would like to go into detail, because many of the 510 vape devices on the market are nearly identical. While the physical characteristics of the products are almost identical, there are only slight differences in size, shape, and functionality. The TOQi 510 thread oil cartridge vaping approach seems to be bringing something new, previously untried. Let's see how well it works by diving right into it 

Design of the TOQi 510 oil cart vaporizer

For one thing, the 510 TOQi vape looks different from most other 510 oil vapes you've seen.

The battery is in a palm-sized, lightweight oval-shaped casing. The weight is approximately 35 grams. 

Lithium-based LED light can be operated using the TOQi

The LED will flash 5 times when you unlock the TOQi 510. When the battery's charge level increases, the LED changes color. When the light is green, it means that the battery has at least 90% of its original power. When your battery has an orange tint, this means that it is between 20% and 90% charged. If your battery charge is below 20%, the traffic light is red. The LED lights up red three times after every draw to alert you when the battery level has dropped too low.

In order to access variable voltage, press the button 3 times to unlock the battery and then use the plus and minus buttons to cycle through 3 voltage settings.


With the TOQi 510, we used CCell TH2 cartridges loaded with CCell TH2 ink. The LED on your cart will flash red twice when you unthread the 510 thread from the cart.

The 510 thread is found at the top of the battery. This device has a USB-C charging port on the bottom.


Not only does the battery charge via USB —C, but it can also be charged through an AC adapter. Qi-compatible wireless charging is also possible. That therefore means you can charge your vaporizer as much as you like. instead of the more common charging port feature found on other vapes, you instead get two very common charging methods.

As an optional accessory, you can purchase a wireless charging pad, which works with any Qi-compatible wireless charger. You can charge the TOQi 510 with the help of Samsung Power Share, which is built into Samsung smartphones. The TOQi 510's placement on the charger seems to make a difference. To make sure your battery is charging, you should locate the central oval of your battery on the wireless charger's center.

Charge options are just the beginning. Another plus of the TOQi 510 is the optional wireless power bank, which you can use to charge the device via a USB-C cable. Charging your smartphone while also charging other devices is possible. 


The 510 is simple to use. To top it off, install a 510-threaded oil cartridge on the 510-threaded adapter. The button needs to be pressed in sequence in order to unlock the 510. To proceed, press the power button 3 times and then change the voltage. There are no more questions. Now you're ready to go.

Should I Buy it?

The TOQI 510 is an altogether refreshing addition to the extensive line of 510-threaded vape devices. Other new models like the CCell Palm, Silo, and PCKT One Plus mimic previously successful battery designs. Designed products such as the TOQi 510 are not as prevalent. The 510 is a great travel charger for those who frequently run out of battery or forget to charge cables.

Both the wireless charging pad and the wireless power bank are acceptable accessories that can be used with the vape. It is very practical and useful to utilize vaping accessories more than once.

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Warning: this product contains nicotine ,nicotine is an addictive chemical Health Canada