Vaporesso Renova Zero Review

Back with a new pod mod, the Renova Zero starter kit.   This pod vape has a simplified version of your standard OMNI chip with three distinct power configurations, automatic temperature control, and a range of safety features. They also use 1.0ohm CCELL Ceramic coils, which are nicotine salt e-liquids friendly.

The Vaporesso Renova Zero kit is an easy beginner vape, and is draw activated. The Renova Zero automatic temperature control is a unique feature and its leakproof technology makes it a lot easier to refill your pods.   



There are many features that make the Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod Mod distinctive. Intelligent technology is provided by the OMNI chip, while CCELL coils provide an amazing vape experience. The Leak Proof feature makes it so much simpler and clean. 

Stealthy Clean Look

The starter kit for the Vaporesso Renova Zero mod is an incredibly stylish all-in-one steam. .The material is made of zinc alloy and is comfortable to hold. This vapour is highly lightweight and versatile and can be transported almost anywhere.

It comes with a range of colours, ideal for vapers who want to monitor their drip.  With only one button there is no fancy bells and whistles, just quality materials and sleek design in the Vaporesso Renova Zero   

OMNI Board Mini

Vaporessos OMNI Chip is intended for advanced vapers and is not intended for use as a beginner.

 The Renova Zero changes this – the slimmed down version of the OMNI chip so now beginners could go toe to toe with advanced vapers. 

Regulation of temperatures

The OMNI board mini offers automatic temperature control, so users don't need to think about finding the right power setting to maximise the longevity of their pod and avoid burns. This feature can be turned off, and users can manually control their power settings to conserve the battery.

There are three different settings to choose from: high (12.5W), medium (10.5W) and low (105W) (9W). Switching between these settings is simple, just press the on/off button three times to adjust the power settings. Users can say which setting they are using the corresponding colour of the LED light.

Safety features

Safety is one of the most critical aspects of the vaping experience that is frequently ignored. Sure, it's necessary to know Wattage or battery life, but protection should be a top priority. The OMNI board mini provides users with a range of different safety features to provide them with the best possible vape experience. These features include short-circuit safety, overtime protection and low resistance protection. There is also no-load security, overcharge protection, pass through protection and ESD circuit protection. All  of these features work together to make sure that nothing goes wrong while vaping, giving consumers the safest vape experience, and ensuring that their vape is built to last


PCTG Refillable Pods & Leak-proof press to fill  technology

The pods of the Renova Zero kit are made of medical grade, FDA certified PCTG plastic materials. Pods are BPA free, which means that this form of plastic is safe for use with consumable goods. These pods are also recyclable and are built to last.  They can be refilled using the revolutionary Vaporesso Press to Fill design.

Using the supplied 10ML refill bottle, simply insert the tip into the refill hole and the pod will begin refilling.  It is necessary for vapers to use the supplied refill bottle because it is specifically designed for use with Renova Zero pods.

The pods don't use rubber stoppers, making them truly leak proof and ideal for vapers who don't want to think about the e-liquid leaking all day.


Much like Vaporesso is popular for their OMNI Chip, they are also known for their 1.0-ohm CCELL ceramic coils. These coils are made of ceramic and are made to withstand heat better than any other conventional coil materials. This ceramic heating feature is genuinely long-lasting and reliably delivers flavorful hits. CCELL coil technology is great for steaming high viscosity juices, making Renova Zero suitable for use with nicotine salt e-liquids, as well as other high nicotine juices. Ceramic wicking guarantees that dry, cotton wick hits are history. 

Easier to use

With just one button on the entire package (on/off button), the Renova Zero kit is extremely user-friendly and ideal for starting vapers. This system uses automatic temperature control, so users don't have to worry about being on the perfect power settings for that perfect cloud. It is also draw activated, which ensures that there are no pesky fire buttons to push to vape.

The colourful LED light alerts users to the power setting and the level of the battery, making it easy to know when it needs to be recharged. Charging is done via a micro USB port at the bottom of the unit and uses 1A fast charging.

It only takes 45 minutes for a full charge, great for vapour users who don't have a lot of time to charge their battery. If users need to use the vape when charging, this device allows it. 


The Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod Mod performs extremely well because of its size and ease of use. The 650 mAh battery provides plenty of power for the average vaper during the day. For the vape feens out there, they  may want to bring a charger with them just in case. Power settings allow the Renova Zero to run anywhere from 9W to 12.5W, allowing users to choose the power they want.

The CCELL coils use a ceramic heating element that is compatible with even the densest e-juices and last longer than the traditional coil. The technology used in this device is extremely advanced due to its size and is usually reserved for more heavy-duty vapers, making it a smart choice for users who are just starting out.

Similar Products on the Market

Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod

Mi-Pod is similar to Renova Zero in that it's also an all-in-one, pod-style mod. It has an OAS (oil and air separated) system, while the Renova Zero uses a more sophisticated OMNI board mini.

The design of the Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod is much more advanced than the elegant and sophisticated Renova Zero. Both products are activated and have an e-juice capacity of 2 ml.

Suorin Air Starter Kits 

Both Suorin Air and Renova Zero are activated and pod type. The Suorin Air battery is only 400mAh, less strong than the Renova Zero 650mAh battery.

Suorin Air uses 1.2-ohm coils made of conventional material, which do not last as long as the Renova Zero CCELL ceramic coils. Suorin Air and Renova Zero are both sleek and attractive all-in-one pod mods.

Should I buy it? 

Vaporesso's Renova Zero is an amazing all-in-one pod mod that's great for beginners and vape pros alike. Its smart OMNI board mini offers users all the functionality of a more sophisticated vape in an easy-to-use box. The exclusive CCELL coils are the top of the line ceramic model made to stand the test of time. Draw activated, this vape is ridiculously easy to use and a breeze to refill due to its technology filling press. This vape works very well with nicotine salt e-juice, as well as any PG/VG e-juice. It's sleek, attractive, and great for discreet, on-the-go vapers. 

Vaporesso Renova Zero can be purchased at any vape shop near you or online via Savory Vapes – the best online vape shop. If you have any other vape, cannabis, hash, or other related questions come by to Savory Vapes on 4210 E Hastings St, Burnaby, BC. 

Warning: this product contains nicotine ,nicotine is an addictive chemical Health Canada