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In the last few years, the use of Vape pod systems has become quite popular with so many companies coming up with at least one new product line. SMOK and Renova are not left of these developments; SMOK has three pod systems which include the Badge, the pen-style Infinix and the Novo Pod, While Renova developed the Vaporesso Renova zero.

  • SMOK Novo: This is a compact and portable device that fits comfortably into the pocket, it has long-lasting battery life and can be used for both mouth to lung and direct lung vaping. SMOK Novo comes in a small black cardboard box with a picture of the pod system located in the front and a short description. Inside the box, you will find two refillable pods, a very short micro-USB cable, a manual and Novo battery. The two refillable pod systems in the kit is a big advantage of the SMOK Novo over other pod systems in the market because most companies offer only one pod. 
  • Vaporesso Renova zero: Vaporesso Zero is a fantastic pod system that incorporates the unique CCELL coil tech to deliver a cleaner and purer flavour than any other option available in the market at present. It is constructed with a durable Zinc Alloy and comes with a massive built-in 650mAh battery and an innovative filling system which allows for easy filling. 

Comparison between the SMOK Novo and Vaporesso Zero

In making a comparison between the SMOK Novo and the Vaporesso Renova Zero, we will be taking a look at the following features: 

Design and Build Quality

  • SMOK Novo: Measuring only 88.3mm x 24.3mm x 14.3mm, SMOK Novo is one of the smallest pod systems available in the market. It is basically the same size and shape as a classic cigarette lighter which implies that it can fit perfectly well in the tiniest pocket. It also comes in different colours from the pick, to baby blue and made primarily of plastic and metal.  Apart from the battery life indicator, and a Micro USA port, there is nothing worth mentioning about the design; instead of a button, SMOK Novo has a slick battery which connects the refillable pods at the top because it is a draw deactivated device. In addition, the pod has the capacity of holding up to 2ml of e-liquid and features a 1.2Ω coil with a nice mouthpiece that fits comfortably in the mouth and doesn’t look bad when you draw.  The only problem with the design and build quality of SMOK Novo is that the pod is built with a black plastic which makes it quite difficult to check the e-liquid level. Also, Novo does not have a protective membrane covering the air hole on the bottom, although this does not imply that the juice is going to leak right out, there will be some noticeable level of condensation on the battery. 
  • Vaporesso Zero: One feature that has set the Vaporesso Zero pod system apart from other pod systems in the market is the fact that it was built with the premium feeling zinc alloy chassis instead of the regular plastic frame, this frame gives the pod a touch of class which has become part of most Vaporesso products. It also has the functional on and off button that helps vapers who are interested in switching their mode off for safer storage. Vapers also have a choice to choose from 9 different colours. In addition, the pod finishing was excellently executed making it quite resistant to wear and tear. 

Battery Life and Performance

  • SMOK Novo  ( $28.99 ) makes use of a 450mAh batter even though the pod is quite small. To charge the Novo, simply connect the power source to a Micro USB cable. SMOKE Novo allows users to vape while charging the pod. When fully charged, SMOK Novo delivers excellent performance and hotter vapour than most vapes ports in the market.
  • Vaporesso Pod comes with a massive 650mAh in-built battery and a quick charging System all designed to give you an easy vaping experience.  This places the battery far above the SMOK Novo which makes use of 450mAh; it also fires harder and lasts longer than the majority of devices in its class. When fully charged and used moderately, the Vaporesso Zero is capable of helping you achieve a full day worth of vaping.

The Flavours 

  • SMOK Noko offers a powerful plastic medicine like taste that seems to overpower the discrete tobacco juice.
  • Vaporesso Zero: For Vaporesso Zero, each pod makes use of Vaporesso’s signature CCELL ceramic coil which leaves the user with a much-wanted boost in flavour production and cleaner output. 


  • SMOK Novo: Measuring only 88.3mm x 24.3mm x 14.3mm, SMOK Novo is one of the smallest pod systems available in the market. It is basically the same size and shape as a classic cigarette lighter which implies that it can fit perfectly well in the tiniest pocket. 
  • Vaporesso Zero: The Vaporesso Zero, on the other hand, measures out to 40*15*74.9mm for the entire kit making it larger than the average pod-style vape. While the Vaporesso Zero is smaller than the average pod in general, those who need a more portable pod should opt for the SMOK Novo.

Finally, the SMOK Novo is one of the best pod systems around; it is portable and easy to carry around. It also has two refillable pod systems which is a big advantage when compared to other pod systems in the market. However, the battery capacity isn’t as powerful as the Vaporesso Zero and may not last a full day, and so many users have also complained about the awkward draw and the terrible taste.  The Vaporesso Zero, on the other hand, presents a compelling pod system especially to new vapers despite its average size. From its excellent flavour production to the impressive durability of the CCELL coils, the Vaporesso Zero can be said to be the best vaping pod for you.

Warning: this product contains nicotine ,nicotine is an addictive chemical Health Canada

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