What is MTL and DTL vaping

What is the difference between MTL and DTL vaping?

If you’re new to vaping, or never had the chance to pop into an E cigarette store or vape shop then you may not be aware of the differences between MTL and DTL vaping. In fact, you might not even be sure what these terms mean. We’ll take a look at what these abbreviations mean so you can be better informed. 

MTL And DTL Vaping – An Overview

The terms MTL and DTL both refer to vaping styles – basically, the way in which you draw on or inhale from your vaping device. MTL stands for “Mouth To Lung” whereas DTL stands for “Direct To Lung”. It’s important to know which style you prefer before you buy a vaping device, since there are devices available today which suit one style or the other best.

Mouth To Lung Vaping (MTL) SEE NIC SALTS

So, what is MTL vaping and how do you do it? Put simply, MTL vaping is similar to smoking a standard cigarette, however there are some small differences. 

You MTL vape by taking a draw of vapor into your mouth smoothly and with a longer draw than you would take on your cigarette. Once the vapor is in your mouth, you then inhale it into your lungs by drawing in some air. Finally, you exhale.  MTL vaping is popular among vapers who have just quit cigarettes, and it’s the most common vaping style among newbie vapers.

The reasons for vaping MTL are primarily because it is as similar to smoking as you can get when you’re vaping. You won’t be able to produce huge vapor clouds with this method, but you can really enjoy the mouth feel and flavor profile of your chosen e-juice. Also, MTL vaping is much more discreet as well as economical – MTL vapers use less e-juice than you’d use if you were DTL vaping. In some cases, people who have been smoking for years struggle to take a DTL hit and therefore can only vape. 

DTL (Direct To Lung) Vaping – An Overview .    SEE BEST E LIQUIDS

DTL vaping is the opposite to MTL vaping. It can take a while to get used to it, since it’s very different from the way you’d smoke a cigarette. When you vape DTL you draw the vapor slowly and steadily directly into the lungs. A DTL-style vape takes around 3 to 5 seconds, and avoiding sharp drags is the key. After the vapor hits the lungs, you exhale it. DTL vaping is ideal for anyone who wants to produce massive clouds. If you’re a cloud chaser, it’s the method for you. It’s the only way to really push your sub-ohm tank and high wattage box mod to the limit. 

Although vaping DTL for the first time can be a shock for the lungs, if you begin the first few times with a tighter airflow and lower wattage then progress from there, you’ll find the experience a positive one. I have heard many success stories regarding people being able to quit smoking with vapes. 

What About VG, PG and Nicotine?

If you’re MTL vaping, you need to be aware of the composition of your e-liquid. If you’re MTL vaping, you can use a higher nicotine e-juice than if you’re DTL vaping. Many people find they can use a nicotine level of up to 12mg without feeling unwell. In fact, someone who has recently quit smoking might want to go for a strength as high as 18mg. In short, if you need a more powerful nicotine hit, MTL vaping is the right choice for you. 

If you’re MTL vaping, you’re also going to need to consider your PG/VG ratio. If you’re taking MTL hits, you’re usually going to be using a device which only works with a high PG content. Since VG has a thick consistency, it can cause wicking problems in the smaller coils of MTL vaping devices. However, PG heavy e-juice offers a better throat hit which is ideal for new vapers which have recently quit smoking. A recommended ratio for MTL vaping devices could be any of the following:

  • 50:50 PG:VG – decent vapor production and good throat hit
  • 60:40 VG:PG – good vapor production and smooth vape
  • 70:30 VG:PG – this ratio isn’t recommended unless you’re using a more recent MTL device. 

If you’re DTL vaping, you’re going to need to use an e-juice with a lower nicotine level. If you use too high a level of nicotine in your e-liquid you’ll experience a serious head rush! If you’re DTL vaping, an e-juice of 6mg should be quite sufficient and often 3mg will be perfectly adequate. If you use a higher strength of nicotine, and especially if you’re using a sub-ohm vaping device, you’ll probably find the throat hit is also very harsh.

If you’re DTL vaping, you’ll prefer an e-juice with a high VG content. Not only is the vapor smoother and creamier, it’s also easier on the lungs. When you’re DTL vaping, the following ratios should be fine for you:

  • 60VG:40PG – the flavor will be good, with sufficient clouds and a small amount of throat hit
  • 70VG:30PG – lots of flavor and clouds and a smoother throat hit
  • 80VG:20PG – excellent flavor with good clouds and a very smooth throat hit
  • 90VG:10PG – excellent flavor, excellent clouds and an extremely smooth throat hit
  • 100% VG – extremely smooth and very pure clouds

Is Airflow An Issue?

The airflow of your vape tank is a major factor in whether you’ll be MTL or DTL vaping. If you have a tighter airflow, you’ll not only enjoy a warm vape, you’ll also get an easy MTL hit. You’ll also need a narrower mouthpiece for a more smoking-like experience. If you’re DTL vaping, you’ll need a wider mouthpiece and you’ll also need a more open airflow. If you’re using a sub-ohm vape tank with an open airflow and try to take an MTL hit, you’ll find you get virtually no vapor and only heat – a fairly unpleasant experience. 

How About Coil Resistance? CLICK TO SEE COILS 

If you’re MTL vaping, you’re going to need a high resistance coil over 1.0 Ohm. On the other hand, if you’re going to be DTL vaping, you’ll need a low resistance coil under 1.0 Ohm. A low resistance coil has a thicker wire whereas high resistance coils have thinner wires. This means that if you’re going to be MTL vaping, you should use a lower wattage if you’re planning to use a box mod or a vape pen with an adjustable wattage. It’s often best to have a fixed wattage device to start out with if you want to reduce the stress of your initial vaping experience.

At the end of the day, the vaping method you opt for will be the one which suits your personal preferences. As long as you make sure you’ve chosen the right vaping device and e-juice, you’re sure to have a great experience. Visit your Canada online vape shop or vape shop near me.

Warning: this product contains nicotine ,nicotine is an addictive chemical Health Canada

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