ALLO Sync Starter Kits

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NEW ALLO Sync Starter kits with 3 juice pods

We all love Allo disposables, now they have a new closed pods system that will deliver that same yummy goodness in a more economical way. Starter kit includes

Allo's best-selling e-liquid, regulated by the intelligent chipset and mesh coil inside each Sync device, join to make amazingly delicious flavours and consistent vapour. Sync pods are S-Compatible, meaning you can enjoy Allo's exceptional flavours in expert-designed pods that fit multiple devices.

Key Features
  • Sync's superior pod design prevents leaks and spit back
  • Sync pods fit multiple devices.
  • Long lasting battery with a powerful 450mAh and USB-C quick charge.
  • LED Light changes color to help identify battery life
  • Colour coded O-ring on pod to indicate flavour
  • Type-C USB Input allows for quick charge
Device Specifications:
  • Battery: 450 mAh
  • Liquid Volume: 2 mL

1 All sync Device + 3 Juice pods 2ml each

Blue raspberry, frost, And Pineapple ice

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