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DynaVap 2020 M - Batteryless herbal vape

Regular price $105.00

No batteries, No problem - The Dynavap 2020 M has no batteries and is ready to use when you are.

 The 2020 "M", still constructed from medical grade stainless steel, now features the Captive Cap functional geometry, faceted tip with airflow serrations, adjust-a-bowl technology to reduce the extraction chamber by 50% for easy micro-dosing, chiral airports for calibrated high turbulence air injection, and a 10mm tapered mouthpiece.

In order to use the Vapcap M, all you need to do is heat it up for 5-6 seconds with a torch/butane lighter. Just wait for the 'click' and you're ready to go.

*This VapCap is packaged in all new 100% recyclable cardboard package that is also very pocket friendly.  No garbage.

you can also use this device to smoke hash - (hard hash)

Easy to use: just load your cap with dry herb or product then put cap on and torch or light with lighter for minute- then your ready to go..no charging, easy to use, super small and slick - Very discreet