Simply Golden Synthetic Urine

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f you are a regular drug user worrying about doing a drug test to meet your current job’s requirement or for a new job you are applying, Simply Golden will be your perfect friend.

Simply Golden Synthetic Urine is toxin- free and made in the USA.


– 1 kit
– Simply Golden Synthetic 3.5oz Urine
– Heating Element included
– Male and Female Use


  1. Microwave bottle for 15 seconds. This should raise the temperature to 100 degrees. Be careful when handling. Do not microwave for longer than 15 seconds!
  2. Green is the color to look for on the temperature strip. If you do not see green on the temperature strip, do not worry, you probably microwaved it too long and it is a little too hot. As it cools down, you will eventually see the green indicator on the temperature strip.
  3. Open heating pad, shake for 5 seconds, remove backing to expose sticky side, and wrap around bottle, keeping the temperature strip visible.
  4. This will give you an approximately 8 hour window of correctly heated solution.

* The heating pad performs better in a closed environment (pant or coat pocket, purse).

*The temperature strip should be 98-100 degrees before using


Does simply golden urine mimic real urine?

Yes, Simply Golden is a laboratory grade synthetic urine that contains urea and uric acid for authentic aroma as well as the proper PH , specific gravity, and creatinine levels found in actual urine. Simply Golden is also unisex & toxin free.

Does Simply Golden work for both men and women?

Yes, Simply Golden is a unisex product

Can the urine be reheated/reused?

Yes,  the urine can be reheated as many times as needed as long as the instructions are followed properly (this includes the temperature strip).

How do I properly store the urine if I want to re-use it?

Store the product at room temperature.

Is it possible to use the product without the heating pad?

It is possible to heat the urine without the heat pad by placing it against the skin in areas such as an arm pit. (This method is not recommended)

What happens if I overheat the urine?

Let the urine cool down until the temperature strip turns green.

Is this product okay to swallow?

No. This product should not be consumed and may cause harm if done so.

Why use simply golden synthetic urine vs someone else’s?

Our urine is bacteria free and is safe from sexually transmitted diseases.