Yocan Kodo Pro CBD/Oil Vape Device

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Yocan Kodo Pro is the latest CBD battery upgraded from the base version of Yocan Kodo. Like its predecessor, the Kodo Pro is perfect for quick hits and simultaneously has innovative features including an OLED display, a puff counter, pre-heat, safety cut-off, and voltage adjustment. With a smart and pocket-sized design, users can conveniently carry it in a bag or in a pocket.


– Cartridge compatibility (over 0.8 ohm)

– 10-second preheat

– 10-second safety cut-off

– Puff counter

– 510 thread

– Adjustable voltage setting (1.8V-4.2V)

– 400mAh battery with type-C charging port

– Dimensions: 53 x 20 x 17 mm

– 1 mods / display (-Black, -Red, -Blue, -Purple, -White, -Yellow)