Yocan Loaded - Replacement Quartz Dual Coils 5PK

Regular price $26.99
The Loaded Quartz Coils are authentic Yocan brand replacement atomizer heads made for the Loaded Concentrate Pen Vaporizer available in two unique styles: Dual and Quad. These advanced coils are made with premium glass quartz rods that heat up in seconds and deliver a delicious natural flavour quality that does not disappoint. The dual coil option will efficiently heat your concentrates while maintaining a smooth and satisfying pull. If you're one who is constantly after the absolute most vapor possible, go with the Quad Coil version it has enough surface area to rip through massive slabs of material with ease at the touch of a button. Either style you decide to go with has an extremely easy magnetic connection that allows you to replace the old coil instantly with no hassle or effort. Just remove the dead atomizer, drop your new one into place and you are ready to go in no time.