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Yocan Wit Oil Vape Mod. 500mAh battery

Regular price $33.99

If you are looking for a simple and compact battery to use with you oil atomizer. The Yocan Wit is extremely straightforward featuring just a single button. The Yocan Wit will accommodate oil atomizers ranging from 9 – 11.5mm in diameter. 510 Thread

3 Voltage settings

The Yocan Wit comes preloaded with 3 voltage settings, low, medium, and high. Giving you a good range to use when vaping oils. To adjust power levels simply tap the power button 3 times rapidly.

The Yocan Wit uses magnets to keep your oil cartridge in place, making swapping super simple. The magnetic adapter attaches to the bottom of your 510 threaded oil cartridge, the cartridge is then dropped into the cartridge port of the Yocan Wit, magnetically connecting to the battery.

10 second Preheat option

The Yocan Wit is equipped with a 10 second preheat option. Rapidly clicking the power button two times with activate the preheat mode. The preheat mode helps users to vaporizer more viscous oils, allowing them to flow more freely.



  • 3 Voltage Settings
  • 510 Thread
  • 500mah Battery
  • Magnetic Connector
  • 9 – 11.5mm Diameter Compatibility
  • 14 Day Warranty in store